Murder Charges

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It is important to have a lawyer who can fight murder offenses aggressively and that lawyer is C. Jordan Handy.

  • A Devastating Event

    Being charged with a murder is one of the most devastating events you could experience. It has the potential to negatively impact your life.

    If you are being investigated for a federal crime, you need the services of an aggressive defense attorney that understands the federal court system. Federal authorities have unlimited resources to prosecute you and they will investigate and obtain evidence to reach a conviction.

  • Willing to Fight

    You need a murder attorney who can best represent your case in Court and is willing to fight from the start till the final outcome.

    Murder defense needs to be aggressive, and it needs to be up to date. Attorney C. Jordan Handy uses the latest tactics and keeps up to date on the latest case law to help ensure the best outcome possible. C. Jordan Handy is dedicated to helping clients navigate through their case and does his best to eliminate the anxiety such a charge brings upon clients. Handy Law is here to protect your rights and secure your best outcome. Give us a call, we will handle the rest.