05Apr 2024

Eclipse and DUI's in Vermont

It seems everyone is getting ready for the up and coming Eclipse scheduled to appear Monday April 8, 2024. It is going to last over 3 minutes making it the longest lasting Eclipse in the 21 century. Many are celebrating by having large gatherings to watch and enjoy together. This means many there will be drinking and driving the local police know this.  

Vermont Police will use multiple tactics to stop drinking and driving. First, most local departments will have full force out patrolling the streets. You will see increased motor vehicle stops for minor infractions to help maintain safe roads and looking for impaired drivers. Second will be DUI Checkpoints, these will be located on most main roads into and out of towns and cities. The police will create roadblocks slowly allowing traffic through after a brief interaction, in which they are looking for indicators of impairment. If they believe you are impaired they will ask you to pull your car over, detain you, and continue their investigation. Finally, through unexpected interactions with the police, such as motor vehicle accidents and other interactions. 

You can protect yourself from unnecessary prosecution if you know your rights. First, you only need to provide your I.D. when an officer has reasonable suspicion that you have committed or about to commit a crime. You do not need to answer any question or speak. You do not have to submit to the Field Sobriety Exercises, nor a roadside breath test. Once arrested you can and should maintain your right to be silent. You will be given an opportunity to speak to an on call attorney to answer questions and provide information to you. At this point you will be asked to provide an Evidentiary Breath Sample, this is different from the roadside breath test requested earlier. By law, when you drive on Vermont roads you agree to provide a sample of your breath or blood upon a reasonable request of a police officer. Depending on whether this is your first or subsequent DUI, you want to carefully consider whether or not to provide a breath sample. The on call attorney you speak to will discuss with you the pros and cons of providing a sample of your breath.  

Being charged with a DUI or any other criminal charge can be upsetting and stressful, that's why having competent and experienced representation is important. So when you are looking for a Vermont DUI Lawyer, call Handy Law at 802-373-9201 and check out our website  We serve all Vermont Counties.